Terms and Conditions  

Canale Travel Service acts only as travel agent for travel service providers and does not own or operate any airline, means of transportation or Insurance company or Travel provider. Canale Travel Service is not liable for deficiencies on the part of airlines or other service providers, including but not limited to: accidents and injuries, delays, changes in routes or itineraries, loss, theft or damage to possessions. Canale Travel Service advise all travellers should consider travel insurance to protect against travel risk and become familiar with exclusions on any travel policy they accept. Travellers are responsible for ensuring that they have valid travel documentation and comply with health, customs, currency and other laws of any country they enter or attempt to enter.
The following Terms and Conditions apply generally to all the products and packages sold by Canale Travel Service. Some products also have special conditions applying to them.
The products sold by Canale Travel Service are subject to availability and can be withdrawn without notice.
Rates and Price Variations
Canale Travel Service reserves the right to vary the rates in the event of adverse movements in exchange rates or price rises made by the principals. If you have already paid for your services you will not be exempt from such price adjustments until tickets/documents are issued. Additional bookings will be subject to surcharges as appropriate. Rates are per tour, per night accommodation, per crossing ferries, per package; as appropriate to the particular product. Car rental is based on a 24 hour period commencing from the time of pickup throughout.
Price Inclusions and Exclusions
Items included in the prices or rates of the products are specified in each section. Prices do not include, meals other than as stated in itineraries; any air fares; unless stated; Government departure taxes and charges; passport and visa charges; vaccination fees; airport taxes; all items of a personal nature such as telephone calls, beverages; laundry; excess baggage charges and gratuities; travel insurance.
It is very important that you read the following information carefully and contact Canale Travel Service if you require any assistance in any area. All individuals departing from Australia must be in possession of a valid passport. If your passport is due to expire within six months of your return arrival back in Australia then under normal circumstances you should obtain a new passport. Should you be travelling on anything other than an Australian Passport then it is your responsibility to bring this to our attention as you may require a visa or permit to re-enter Australia. Certain countries require a Visa for entry prior to arrival. Please ensure you are fully informed of the requirements as soon as you have made your reservation with our office. Vaccinations are strongly recommended for certain destinations. Please contact your local doctor who will advise you of these requirements. IT IS ESSENTIAL WE SIGHT YOUR PASSPORT AT TIME OF RESERVATION TO ENSURE THE ABOVE REGULATIONS ARE FULLY COMPLIED WITH.
Deposits and Payments
The published rates are only available on the basis of full prepayment of all charges in Australia. A deposit of $220.00 per product or service, (or full payment where the value of an individual booking is less than $220.00) will be required to secure the booking. No bookings will be processed until a deposit is received. The balance must be paid eight weeks prior to your departure or earlier if this is a condition of booking. Payments must be made by cash or bank cheque. Credit card facilities incur a service fee, as set out below. No liability will be accepted by Canale Travel Service until Payment is actually received by us. Any binding contract will only exist between you and Canale Travel Service when final payment has been made and all tickets, coupons, exchange orders, vouchers and receipts have been issued to you by Canale Travel Service.
Late Bookings
Every effort will be made to process late bookings. Bookings made less than 2 weeks prior to departure from Australia will require payments in full at the time of booking and may incur a late booking fee & courier fee of $50 per person.
Booking Amendment Charges
Amendments to bookings will be charged at the rates shown in our Schedule of Fees below plus any charge levied by the airline/operator/wholesaler. Amendments are not allowed within eight weeks of departure. In some instances amendments are not allowed whatsoever.
Cancellation Charges/Amendment Fees
Canale Travel Service reserves the right to charge cancellation or amendment fees to cover our administration and bookkeeping expenses. This fee is in addition to any charges made by Airlines, Hotels and Tour Operators. If Canale Travel Service is obligated to cancel your travel arrangements, the liability of Canale Travel Service will be limited to a refund of all monies paid by you - less any cancellation fees.
Travel Insurance
We strongly suggest our clients consider taking out travel insurance. Canale Travel Service can help you with your travel insurance. While Canale Travel Service isn’t permitted to make recommendations, we can assist you with the information you need to select the most appropriate cover. When arranging your travel insurance we may provide you with general advice. General Advice is provided without taking in to consideration your personal circumstances, objectives or financial situation.
Air Fares...Special Conditions
There are numerous rules and regulations affecting most advance purchase and other discounted air fares, which involve substantial cancellation or amendment fees, and in some instances there are no refunds whatsoever on cancelled holidays and or air tickets should you need to amend or cancel your travel plans. If you have any queries regarding these fees please do not hesitate to contact us.
Flight Timings, Departure Points, Flight Numbers
The timings shown on your ticket are subject to reconfirmation on both OUTBOUND and INBOUND journeys. Please contact the applicable Airline at least 72 hours before departure. Canale Travel Service cannot accept responsibility for amended flight timings or numbers.
Security Deposit - Car Rental
On all car rental bookings, the majority of charges are pre-payable in Australia. On collection of your car you will however be asked for a security deposit up to the value of AUD 1500.00 This deposit can only be paid by credit card imprint. If a credit card is used, a charge will be added to your account covering petrol and ancillary cost upon termination of your rental.
Bonds for Apartments, Hotels & Campervans
On these products, you will be required to lodge a security bond to cover damage and other ancillary charges. These bonds can be paid by cash or credit card imprint. Bonds will be returned to you direct by the operator upon termination of the rental.
Refunds for Unused Services
No refunds will be made for unused services where a client terminates the service after it has commenced regardless of reason. In the event of returning a car early the operator may provide you with a statement showing the amount of unused services. This figure is for domestic taxation purposes and does not mean a refund for the amount will be made. Where refunds for unused services are allowed (eg. for Go-as-you-please accommodation vouchers), a service fee will be charged against the value of the refund. Please ensure that, when requesting a refund, you enclose copies of all relevant documentation.
The information contained on this site titled
http://www.canaletravel.com.au and various materials provided by third parties in connection with our site are given in good faith. As our customer you acknowledge that the information contained on our web site is derived from various industry sources which are subject to change and withdrawal without notice, therefore it is your responsibility to check current pricing and availability before making a financial commitment to Canale Travel Service.
If you enter into a transaction through Canale Travel Service to purchase goods or services supplied by a third party then Canale Travel Service is not responsible for those goods or services or for any misunderstanding between you the customer and the third party.
Airlines, hotels, wholesalers and other suppliers have various other terms and conditions relating to the purchase of these goods and services. It is your responsibility to check those terms and conditions before making a purchase through Canale Travel Service.
We assume no responsibility, and extend no guarantees for discontinued promotions, airfares or specific holiday products.
Trademark names are used in an editorial context with no intent of trademark infringement.
The products are sold by Canale Travel Service as agents for AIRLINE AND WHOLESALE COMPANIES and other principals providing, inter alia, accommodation and transportation services. All tickets, coupons, exchange orders, vouchers and receipts are issued subject to the appropriate tariffs and terms and conditions of sale of Canale Travel Service’s principals and these conditions. It is therefore important to note that all bookings made by Canale Travel Service are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by airlines, coach operators, hoteliers and others providing services including, but not limited to, shipping, rail, car hire, ferry, tour and restaurant operators whose services are utilised by Canale Travel Service, some of which limit or exclude liability in respect of death, personal injury, delay and loss or damage to baggage.
Canale Travel Service accepts no liability for any loss or damage occasioned by the negligence of such principals and reserves the right to cancel or modify itineraries or bookings where circumstances require. In a circumstance were liability is proved against Canale Travel Service such liability is limited to the value of the purchased travel arrangements. Canale Travel Service cannot accept any liability for the acts, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of airlines, car rental operators, ferry companies, hoteliers, tour operators or other persons providing services in connection with your tour pursuant to a contract between themselves and you (which may be evidenced in writing by the issue of a ticket, voucher, coupon or the like) and over whom Canale Travel Service has no direct or exclusive control. In the event of changes being made which make material alterations to the proposed tour you will be given the option of cancelling the tour without penalty. Your acceptance of any tickets, coupons, exchange orders, vouchers and receipts will be deemed acceptance of the above conditions and of any alterations made to your tour. Canale Travel Service reserves the right to decline acceptance of any individual on any tour.
Unlicensed Entity Disclaimer
If you request Canale Travel Service to arrange for the provision of products or services by a person or company which is not licensed in accordance with any applicable law, Canale Travel Service accepts no liability (whether in contract, for negligence or otherwise) for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result.
GST Provision
If a goods and services tax or similar tax ("GST") is or becomes payable in respect of any supply [made to you under this agreement/described in this invoice], then in addition to the [fee/price/consideration] payable, you must pay the amount of GST payable in the respect of that [fee/price/consideration]. The GST is payable at the same time and in the same manner as the [fee/price/consideration] or at such later time as Canale Travel Service may request.
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