The options for Rail travel within Europe are endless.

Trains are the most efficient, comfortable and flexible way to travel. Please feel free to search and browse the Rail Tickets site you’ll find great train journeys and exceptional offers, once you have researched your requirements, complete the booking form and we can make all your connections. 

Fast trains, scenic trains, luxury trains – for business or leisure. Whatever your choice may be, train travel is convenient, flexible and affordable. We have summarised key areas below.

Rail Passes

• Flexible and convenient.
• You decide when to go, when you want to go with no prior bookings.
• Provide unlimited Rail Trips for the number of days purchased.
• Prepurchase Rail Trips in Australia and save money.
• Validation always required before first Train or Ferry ride in Europe.

Point to Point Tickets

• Great for single journeys.
• Valid for two months from the date of validity that you choose.
• You can break the journey over several days as long as you continue along the same route.

Classes of Travel

• Two classes are usually offered. Either 1st or 2nd class.
• 1st class seats are wider with more leg room and more luggage space.

Seating Compartments

• These are seperated cabins that open up to a corridor.
• 1st class: usually 6 seats.
• 2nd class: usually 8 seats.

Coach Compartments

• These are open carriages with seats either side of the aisle.
• 1st class: 2 seats / aisle / 1 seat.
• 2nd class: 2 seats / aisle / 2 seats.


• These are typically bedrooms within a train carriage.
• 1st class: 1 or 2 passengers.
• 2nd class: 2 or 3 passengers.
• These usually contain beds, washstands, linen, towels and power.


• These are typically open bunks in a rail compartment.
• These are usually found in 2nd class & can sleep between 4-6 people.
• Restrooms are usually as a share facility.


• Are compulsory on some trains.
• We recommend to reserve seats on some trains which have a specific service date and time due to demand.
• Recommended for overnight accomodation.
• Some short and regional services do not offer reservations.
• Eurostar requires reservations up to 120 days prior to travel.
• Other UK / Europe Trains allow reservations only 8 weeks prior
to travel.