Travel Insurance

Peace of mind can be found in knowing that your insurance offers you a level of cover that others may not.

We sell travel insurance policies which include*:

  1. 24hr Emergency Assistance.

  2. Unlimited Medical and Dental Cover.

  3. Unlimited emergency accommodation and transportation cover.

  4. Unlimited Cancellation.

  5. Comprehensive luggage cover.

  6. Rental car insurance excess cover.

  7. Cover for loss or theft of passports and travel documents.

  8. Single or Annual Multi-trip cover.

    The right cover is essential

    Natural disasters, civil unrest and industrial action are all too common occurrences for today’s traveller. In recent times our insurance has covered travellers who were affected by:

  1. The Chilean Volcanic Ash cloud which closed down Australian airspace.

  2. The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami which required many travellers to cancel their travel plans.

  3. Civil unrest in the Middle East where ‘Do not travel’ warnings were issued by the Australian government.

  4. Transport Worker strikes causing flight delays. 

    “If you can’t afford Travel Insurance you can’t afford to travel”

    We support the Australian Government’s mantra, “if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel” and also urge travellers to register with before leaving.

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